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Free book reviewers, bloggers and beta readers list.
Below, you will find a list of book lovers and industry supporters that may be willing to read, review and/or blog your book. They are happy for you to contact them direct in this regard.
This is a non-profit service and the opinions of the subscribers below are entirely their own, and offered on a free and friendly basis. Please let us know if a subscriber is not adhering to this policy.

To join this list as a (free) reviewer, book blogger or beta reader, email us at with an approx 70-130 word bio including details of books you like to read, those you'd be willing to review, details of where you post reviews and preferred contact details etc. Also, please include a small jpg image.

Please don't email us asking for reviews - contact the reviewers directly

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Hi, I'm Kelly Renée.
I am a published variety book author. I’ve been writing for the last 3 years. I love reading all kinds of work. Right now I am working on blogging book reviews. I don’t have a preference on genre, only a preference on length. I want short books, the shorter the better. (Books in a series are acceptable.) 
The reviews will go on goodreads (if possible) and on my blog. to schedule a review. E-mail:

Movies & Manuscripts was started by two self published authors who discovered how hard it is to find people to review certain genres.  We will accept electronic versions of the following:  Paranormal, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Military, Nonfiction, Horror, Historical Fiction, Well written Self-Help, Some Business Topics, Some Young Adult Fiction.  
Nate is the Author of two books & the co-founder of the blog, Jason, is currently working on his first book. You can reach the blog through a tab at the top of
Due to the number of submissions (and the fact that we actually read the books we review), please be patient. Not all submissions will be accepted.  If you would like to forgo a review & opt for putting your cover & book description on immediately, please check the "Indie Authors Advertising Info" Page on the blog. We offer very reasonable prices to give you a great value!

Hello, I'm Claire, I'm an avid reader and reviewer. I'll read pretty much anything, from adventure to young adult and most genres in between.
My honest reviews can be found on Amazon, Waterstones, goodreads, librarything, Lovereading and booklikes. I use Twitter, pinterest and facebook to recommend and promote books that I've recently read and enjoyed. I'm also active on netgalley and bookbridgr. This may sound like I don't have time for yet more reviewing, but since I'm not working I fill my days with books!
You can find me on Twitter @claireh18, email me directly or follow me at

Hi. I’m Helen Burroughs, a book reviewer, a beta reader, a copy editor, and a lifelong book lover. I enjoy fiction in the following genres: mysteries, thrillers (military, suspense, historical, psychological, legal, romantic, techno), suspense, and police procedures. I enjoy the books of all levels of authors.
I have reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter; and, a shelf on I’m willing to post free book reviews to any and/or all of these sites. I promise to give honest, fair and unbiased reviews. I love the Kindle, and prefer to read on it; however, I enjoy printed books as well. I can be contacted via email: (write ‘Free book review request’ in the subject line). As an alternative you can contact me via DM on Twitter
"Hello everyone!
I am Kyla Alyanna Fontalva. I am an avid reader and a teen blogger from Philippines. I accept ARC copies of book. I accept it in physical or virtual form as long as it's in a first person POV. I love to read any YA books but I'm more of into paranormal, mystery, contemporary, romance and sci-fi. I've been reading for 2 years now and I'm still exploring more genres. I like helping people by giving them honest reviews.
If you want me to review your book, kindly email me; or send me a tweet on Twitter; @AlyannaFontalva"

My name is Ley Hayley, and I'm a full time tutor. In my spare time, I blog about writing, books, and movies. I'm also the author of a self published historical fantasy novel, The Forest's Heir. I'm incredibly partial to YA in every genre, although I prefer dystopian, fantasy, historical, and science fiction. I read a few adult novels, mostly in the vein of historical fiction such as The Other Boleyn Girl. I prefer hard copies over eBooks, but will take either.
I post my reviews on my blog Ley's Library, Amazon, and Goodreads. Check out my Author Website or contact me here

Hello, my name is Celia and I would love to review books. I truly read anything, which doesn't mean I'm indiscriminate. I often read reviews and then make up my own mind. No matter the genre, I am intrigued by others imaginations. Generally emotions are tweaked and something is learned.  

Examples of some of my reviews can be found on My reviews reflect my thoughtful and courteous nature. 
I endeavor to include a wide variety of detail, so that the author and reader can benefit. Please visit my Author Website and contact me here.

My name is Loretta Lynn and I am half of the author team L. S. Lynn. We've recently gotten our first fantasy novel published and are looking to connect and give back to the indie community. I love almost every genre (with fantasy/sci-fi/horror being personal favorite and romance being my least favorite--but I won't necessarily turn it down); therefore I'm willing to review almost anything. Amazon, Smashwords, Twitter, Facebook, and any other place you would like a review or promo posted I'm happy to oblige. My preferred method of contact is e-mail:
My name is K.C. Finn, I am an author of science fiction, fantasy, paranormal and horror works. I do not read erotica or non-fiction and I don’t enjoy books where romance is the only plot point (if romance is a sub-plot along with something else, that’s totally fine). Other than those 3 exceptions I will read anything you throw at me and give it my honest opinion. My reviews will be posted to Goodreads, Amazon, my official website and anywhere else that the author requests. You can apply to be reviewed through my official site or just email 

My name is Kristy Feltenberger Gillespie. I’m a writer, reader, blogger, full time middle school counselor, and working on a school library degree. My favorite books to read are YA (especially dystopian) and short stories, but I’m open to other genres as well (except erotica). I post reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and my blog (as well as anywhere else you’d like me to post). I’m especially interested in reading and reviewing YA in exchange for a read and review of my YA Thriller, Jaded. Check out my blog, Keep Calm and Write On for other promotional opportunities as well. Even if I don’t have time to write a review of your novel, I’m open to promoting your novel (for free) on my blog. Please contact me at  
My name Lisa Brighton I'm 41 years old. I have worked with books for almost ten years and have a book store too. I love reading anything that makes me laugh! A feel good book. However I don't like to deal with downloads or kindles, I am a great believer that there's nothing better than the smell and feel of a new book. 
I have done quite a few reviews on amazon and I do a lot of reviews throughout my book stores. Please contact me by email:

My name is Karen, and I live in the UK, just outside London. I blog on books, mainly romance and m/m but also run a book club where we review a wide variety of books. I write and study poetry as well.
I would really like to review for Indie authors of any genre, as I completely understand how difficult a process it is. I post on my blog and Goodreads.
You can contact me via email

My name is Roderick Cooper. Although I have not reviewed online, I was editor  - and therefore always chief book reviewer! -  for Kent Life, Sussex Life, Surrey Life and Surrey County Magazine for more than 20 years in all. My website  - - shows my journalistic and fiction-writing career and under extracts - journalism show examples of my own published book reviews. I still write regularly from my office at home, but miss the pleasure of reviewing and would enjoy some free reviewing of general fiction, and books of all categories and genres. You can contact me on Twitter or through my website.

My name is Kristin Scearce. I'm a 25-year-old Forensic Psychology graduate in Ashburn, VA (outside D.C.) who loves reading/reviewing almost every genre, from historical romance to sci-fi to horror. I post my reviews mainly to Amazon and Goodreads, but also to B&N, Smashwords, and/or Book Depository if there's a listing. I also automatically post links to my reviews from Goodreads onto my FB profile (195 friends, many of whom are authors /reviewers) and on Twitter (159 followers, most of whom are authors/reviewers). I prefer to be contacted by e-mail, If you would like me to review your work, just drop me a line! To check out my previous reviews, please go here:

My name is Laurie and I am a writer and an avid reader. 10 years ago I wrote a book of therapy techniques. I recently decided to get back into full-time writing & have been blogging as well as working on writing novels. I read a wide range books & I have posted numerous reviews on both Amazon & Goodreads. I would be happy to share reviews on my personal twitter or facebook page, my personal blog or on Amazon & Goodreads.  My favorite genres include historical fiction, YA fiction, realistic fiction, and non-fiction self-help & history.  I have also been known to read some chic lit & romance novels on occasion. I would be happy to read most manuscripts, but I am not overly fond of fantasy or horror novels. Please email me: or connect with me through My Blog, My Facebook, My Twitter, My Pinterest, My Goodreads author page or My Google+ profile

My name is Kimberly and I'm a book reviewer. I'm an author too and have two self-published books via createspace & kindle/amazon although I'm working on more. I love to read historical fiction, Christian , self help/ self growth and poetry! 
I will post review details on Twitter, my blog, my goodreads author page and Facebook as well, if desired. Please contact me via Twitter or by email

My name is Patricia and I'm a seasoned, independent blogger, beta, editor, writing coach and avid reader. I am also going to try my hand at "author" during 2014. I love participating in blog tours of all types, although I want to focus more on reviewing. I believe in honest, spoiler free reviews,and if the rating is below three stars and I am reviewing for a tour, I will hold off posting my review until the tour has completed as a courtesy to the tour organizer. Contact me on Twitter, on Facebook, via my website: or by email:

Gwendylan Glover currently teaches high school English/Journalism but plans to give up teaching to write full time this May. She is a freelancer, writing features for a local newspaper & is completing her first YA/NA manuscript. She has earned a BS in English and Journalism, and a M.Ed in Secondary English Education.
Gwen loves reading YA/NA fiction, any genre, but especially romance & dystopian fiction. She also reads the occasional “erotica” novel; The Submissive Trilogy being among her favorites & would be interested in reviewing any of these genres.
Gwen is on Facebook, Twitter, and online at which features information about her writing & will include reading and writing blogs once she concludes her teaching career. Gwen can be reached by email at

I'm Lorraine Pestell, a British Australian who's an IT manager by day and an author of a six-part serial by night.  For enjoyment, education and to hone my own writing skills, I love to read general fiction and contemporary romance, particularly if the stories involve complex characters and perhaps even a social justice edge to them. I post all reviews on Goodreads and all Amazon regional sites.  I am keen to support independent authors, particularly from small markets like Australia, South Africa and New Zealand, who are currently disadvantaged by Amazon's refusal to copy reviews into the larger markets' "stores".  I can be contacted via Twitter or via my Goodreads author profile

Hi. I just self published my first novel & wanted to give back to other indie authors. I have a BA in Anthropology and Spanish. I was a hard core romance reader before I became a writer. I read research articles all day, so I like to come home to a little smut. Please note, I only read books in the romance genre (contemporary, NA, and erotica) and only accept mobi format books. Things I like: gritty romances, MCs, mafia/mobsters//drug cartels, strong heroines, anything that is going to make me bawl, broken and damaged characters & romances with action. Things I don't read: hard core BDSM, sexual slavery, and whiny weak woe is me heroines. I review on Amazon, Goodreads & my own Facebook page. If interested, contact me at with a synopsis.

Cristina ~ I am a book reviewer and beta reader. I love reading new and interesting books. I personally would include the review on Goodreads. I'm also trying to add this to my website as well. I like anything horror, thriller, romantic suspense, poetry, sci-fi, fantasy and crime.
I am currently reading a romantic suspense ARC that I won from Goodreads and I have already done Beta Reading. You can find me on Twitter. I can be contacted by email at: and look forward to hearing from you.

Laurie Skelton - I'm the CEO of Pinnacle Publishing and have authored three books, numerous short stories, plays, poems & songs. I work primarily with publishing indie titles, and also scout for new talent as a literary agent & mentor up and coming authors. I made my start in the industry at a very young age, and my first published poem was at the age of thirteen. I later went on to be a transcriber & was quickly promoted to being Managing Editor of 24/7 magazine with a readership of 20K worldwide. 
I am always looking to work with those who have the passion to write but are unaware or resources & that incredulous fear of typing those first words. I would be interested in being a reviewer as above all I love books & the stories authors tell. I am especially fond of fiction from a variety of genres though less inclined towards sci-fi/fantasy. You can contact me at: or on Twitter.

Suzi Stembridge - I like to review books/novels concerned with European travel/history, especially Greece & UK. 
My own 8 books comprise a Historical Saga, spanning 2 centuries and split into two quartets THE GREEK LETTERS QUARTET & THE COMING OF AGE series of which one book is written under a pseudonym. 
My reviews are normally posted on Amazon & Goodreads. Contact via the form at my website or via email

Ralph Thompson, Jr. I’m a 53-year-old retired Air Force Officer who loves to read. I am available to review books, blog about books or serve as a beta reader. I spent eight-plus years in the military reading and writing requirements documents, updating policy documents, and preparing staff documents for general officers and civilian equivalents.
You can see examples of my writing at (Washington Wizards coverage) or my personal blog (sports, travel, old movies, etc.). I am aspiring novelist, so I’d rather not review fiction. But, I also love to read biographies, travel books, and military/government/national policy books. I have plenty of time and desire to contribute to your efforts. I’m on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as well. Thank you for your consideration.

Hi everyone, we're running Two gals and plenty of books. The blog gets run by two gals: 
Erika likes to read YA (except Sci-fi) including fantasy, romance, erotica, paranormal, basically everything that will take her mind of this world.
Lea likes to read anything that has a good story line, she'll even consider non-fiction if she likes what she sees. Sci-fi, horror, thriller, fantasy, she loves ya and has a soft spot for vampire/werewolf stories.
Please contact us through our site, our emails are on there. Thanks Lea and Erika

My name is Tiffany M. White and I'm the Marketing Coordinator at Poisoned Pen Press publishing company.  I created Readers & Writers Connect to give indie authors the opportunity to get a free review and exposure.  These reviews are then posted on Amazon, Goodreads, and Barnes & Noble. We are open to reviewing any and all genres, including non-fiction.  Even though our site is new, we do receive a lot of requests for reviews so be patient with us in responding. Contact me at

Richard Bunning. I review regularly across genre, with a preference for Speculative Fiction. All my reviews go onto Amazon and the usual range of other major sites. Please note that I don’t guarantee to review any work unless I can find something positive to say. I prefer to receive e books. As an author I’m, quite naturally, always seeking reviews of my works. I have no problem with the practice of peer reviewing/cross reviewing with other authors provided publishing names are used so that the process is transparent. 
My main site is  I prefer to be contacted through this site. See the last page under ‘more’ for a contact form.

"Hi, I’m Maryline. I’m a Belgian history student. A history geek, but I also enjoy reading woman’s fiction/NA/Chick-lit/romance and mystery/suspense/legal thrillers. I review for M’s Bookshelf where each book will receive a 1-5 star review. I will also post them on Goodreads and and I will share them on Twitter
Please take a look at M's Bookshelf for more contacting details. I prefer paperback, but I also accept ePub. if shipment to Belgium is not possible."
Hi I'm Jeremy. I'm a father of six, a husband, teacher and Author of 3 published novels. I love to read and write. I especially would like to review any historical fiction (especially Celtic or dark ages), from kids to adults, fantasy fiction, comedy or Zombie novels. I review for a magazine, Catalonia today, and put all my reviews on my web page, Amazon, Twitter and Goodreads.
I'm only interested in self published or small publishing houses. I'll be honest and make suggestions for improvement. I'll contact you and discuss your novel as well, if you'd like. Be good. Jeremy Poole. Email:

My name is Samantha Grayson and I read and am willing to review all fantasy books but especially those relating to fairies, unicorns, mythology, magic, metaphysical, supernatural etc. I read both adult and child fantasy books. 

My reviews will be placed on my blog at and amazon (and any other websites upon request). 
I will also link to these reviews via social media.
I can be contacted at

Krystle Bradshaw is a mother of two beautiful girls who has a passion for reading and gardening. When she isn't reading novels, you'll find her working as a virtual assistant, project manager, social media manager & product reviewer. Krystle's favorite reads are thrillers, romance, erotic, and suspense novels. 
I'm willing to accept any genre to review. My reviews will be posted on as well as spread throughout my social media accounts. You can reach me at

I read, breathe, and live romance novels. Ever since I learned to read, I've been crazy about books. I read a variety of sub-genres from YA to Erotic. I am a college student, cat enthusiast, chocolate obsessed bookworm that posts reviews on Amazon, My Blog, and Goodreads. I also make sure to spread the word through Twitter and Facebook as well. I sometimes write product reviews too! Join me on The Blog - On Twitter - On Goodreads

Well-meaning. I am a translator based in Europe and I review literary fiction on Amazon. I don't broadcast that the review was only posted because I got a free copy. I don't post poor reviews but I will be honest and say if something didn't work for me, as well as what I loved. If I'm not hooked after a few chapters I may decide not to review a book even after initial acceptance. I will also review humour (as long as it's intelligent), self-help/new age, travel books and psychological thrillers. Sorry no porn or graphic violence. If you have a book you believe is quality literature, drop me a line and maybe a short summary and a page or two: and if we're a match I'd be happy to review your book.

Hello. My name is Melica Niccole of Author Central on Amazon. I am an author, poet, and creative enthusiast. I have a Master’s of Science in Administration and a Bachelor’s in Health Promotion. I have always had a fondness of writing and reading poetry. Writing was a creative expressive technique that I used to talk about various subject matters such as relationships, domestic violence, friendships, and more.  These subject matters were mainly expressed in the form of poetry.

I would love to review your poetry books and post my review on Twitter, Goodreads, and my blog. You can contact me at

I'm Kathryn of Shelf Full of Books. I love to read and review books. I am a mother of two college-age children who still live at home with my husband, myself and our three miniature dachshunds. I am a teacher of children with visual impairments in the public school system. I live in Canada.

I enjoy reading most genres. I do all my reading with an iPad.  I post my reviews on my blog,,, GoodReads, Shelfari, Google+, Facebook and Twitter. I am also willing to do author interviews and author guest posts. You can contact on ~ Follow me on Twitter or Facebook

Hi, I'm Shauney of Words of a Kind. I'm a self-published author so I know how hard it can be to get your book noticed and how important reviews are. I am an honest but fair reviewer and I will post my reviews on Twitter, Tumblr, Goodreads, and my blog.
I will read and review most fiction except erotica and vampire novels. I prefer to read chicklit/romcoms - especially in a country setting. I also enjoy thrillers, young adult and moderate fantasy (but again, no vampire novels please).
You can contact me here:
Hope to hear from you soon!

Laura Finger: I'm the author of four self published non-fiction books, all of them business guides for freelance writers.  I have an English degree, and I am an active member of Goodreads.  I post reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.  I love to read business books (I summarize them for a living), self help, psychology, and books on writing and creativity.  I love to read and write erotica, and I'm really interested in reading other erotica authors' works.  I'm a current member of RWA, and a member of the chapter devoted to Erotica writers.  I also love to read romance and historical fiction. Twitter ~ LinkedIn ~ Amazon Author Page ~ Goodreads Author Profile

I'm Juliette of Paperbacks and Frosting and books are my passion! I'm a graduate of Louisiana State University with a degree in English Literature. I'm an editor, bookseller, and vice-president of my local RWA chapter. I devour books and would love to review yours! I read any kind of fiction except for erotica. When I say any kind I mean ANY. I'll read romance, fantasy, horror, mystery, historical... anything you can throw my way. I'll read traditionally published and self-published as long as I can add them to my goodreads account. ;)  I post on my blog Paperbacks and Frosting as well as on Amazon, Goodreads, and sometimes Barnes & Noble. I'm always looking for new authors to promote! Contact me here:

I am Louis Cecile of and I am a poet plus author of two books. Due to poetry books reviews being under-represented in free services, I am offering to solely review all forms of poetry. I also enjoy reading books on psychology, true life and crime in my spare time. My reviews will be balanced to highlight the good areas and areas for improvement. I accept ebooks and pdfs. I am based in England and post reviews on my blog and Amazon. You can contact me on Follow me on Twitter.

My name is Beth. My passions are my two beautiful children, my two handsome grandsons, my family, friends, music, and reading. I love to read and review books.  I only review books of a spiritual nature, whether that be christian fiction, self-help, devotional, counseling or any books of a religious/spiritual nature.

I post my reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, my blog, facebook, twitter, LibraryThing, Barnes and Noble or anywhere else you would like. I love holding a book in my hand, but I also love my Kindle, or just receiving a PDF file. Follow Beth on Twitter, Facebook or you can contact Beth on - I look forward to hearing from all!

 I enjoy anything as long as it's interesting. I love to receive books by mail and will read them and then give reviews.

I love Debbie Macomber and Nicholas Sparks. I recently read a book by Chevy Stevens and it was awesome.

Here is My Blog specifically done for book reviews. I also enjoy checking out Goodreads for books and book sneeze. Contact me on

Julie Whiteley: I read mainly romances of all types and mysteries of all types, but I also like historical fiction, history, biographies, and true crime and entertainment books. I blog at I write reviews all over the place. I tweet all my reviews, post to Goodreads,, LibraryThing,  my blog, netgalley and Edelweiss and rate books on Shelfari.
I read independent and well-established authors alike. I give honest reviews and make no money from my reviews or blog. I just love reading so I may as well share my books with others. I update my blog at the least every other day. I average a book a day, and post reviews immediately.  I am the most active on Goodreads. I am a Goodreads librarian, a member of 44 reading groups and the moderator or two groups. I have rated 779 books and reviewed 447 books on Goodreads. I am also a member of ALA and TLA.
I can be contacted directly through email ( or direct message me on Twitter.

Adrienne Woods: I've recently created a blog: just for reviewing books and blogging about them. I like to read YA, fantasy, paranormal, women's literature, romance and supernatural. I'm not a big fan of crime but if it's a really great book, why not? 
To request a review contact me via the blog post comment field HERE. Follow me on Twitter.

I write movie and book reviews and I'm a huge supporter of indie authors. I am willing to read and review any book in the Sci fi and horror genre.
Your review will get a mention on my horror news and reviews website as well as a mention on my Facebook page and a link to it on Twitter. I will also supply reviews to your books up on Amazon for you. You can contact me the following ways :


Amanda Trickey: I'm an ice cream connoisseur, a paper-cut survivor, an especially gifted napper, and the embarrassing parent by day. At night, I listen to the constant groan of my husband asking when he can expect the illumination of my trusty Kindle light to be turned off. The answer? Shhh, it's getting to the good part! I review all types of romance novels at my blog, Only Trick in the Book. I often feature author interviews and giveaways. I will copy my reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, B&N and others by request. I can be reached on Twitter, Facebook or by email. My complete review policy can be found here. I look forward to reading and reviewing!

Hello. I am the author of nine books, ghostwriter of six, editor of more than 130 books, and administrator of two writing-based blogs with big footprints: the Word Journeys Blog and the 366Writing Blog. I like reviewing the works of authors, since we need each other's help in promoting our works to their maximum. I review on Goodreads and Amazon (when they don't kick me out for being a published author), and I also post reviews on my blog  which I then circulate to more than 50 Facebook groups, plus 10 Tweets per blog. So I will give your book a lot of mileage. I read mainstream and literary fiction, genre fiction (except romance and horror), poetry, essays, memoir, travel narrative, sports, health/wellness, true crime and spiritual titles. Just email me on with a PDF of your work, and an ISBN, and I will take it from there if I find it suitable.

I am Emily of AfternoonBookery I am a book blogger with a dabble into beauty blogging.

I mainly read new adult/romance/erotica/chick lit & humor. I accept print books, ebooks & pdfs. 

I am UK based. I post reviews on my blog, Goodreads & Youtube. Contact me here.

I’m Anastacia of Anastacia Reviews. I review mainly YA & historical fiction (especially European) e-books (nook or kindle), but also enjoy fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal, Christian fiction, dystopian, etc, and will take some ARCs and audiobooks. I have a fondness for all things Tudor, witches or vampires! Being a knitter, crocheter, weaver, vegetable gardener and camper, books on those subject are also greatly welcome. No romance, politics, suspense, mysteries, poetry, or sports related books, please.

I post reviews on my blog, goodreads, amazon, and barnes and noble and on facebook & twitter as well. I try to post both the good and the bad with any review. More details about book requests (including current stats) and my contact info is available on my website.

Tracy Barry: I'm a middle school librarian in Florida. I'm looking for middle grade audience (ages 10-15) African American characters in science fiction/fantasy and contemporary fiction. No more books about slavery & civil rights, please. No more high school ghetto dramas. I’m looking for new books and authors that open up the future to this under-represented target audience. I’ll accept print, e-book (Kindle, epub, pdf...) and ARC. I share my reviews via my blog, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and e-mail to my librarian networks. Contact details are HERE. Only one exception to my preferred genre will I accept - Florida author/Florida setting middle grades fiction.

James Metcalf: I am an avid reader of words in their many forms, but the fiction I tend to enjoy best belongs in literary novels by the likes of Rose Tremain, Martin Amis, and Julian Barnes. I also enjoy non-fiction, essays, memoirs, short fiction, criticism, and anything that uses the English language in a compelling way. In between studying for my undergraduate degree in archaeology, and planning my postgraduate diploma in journalism, I review both classic and modern novels, memoirs, and short story collections for The Yorker and Nouse, and these appear on my blog, my linkedin profile, and reading websites like Shelfari and Goodreads, and are advertised on social media. If you'd like me to review your book, please feel free to contact me via email for an honest and well-publicised review.

Jacqui at French Village Diaries: I am a bookworm and despite having lived in France since 2004 I like nothing better than devouring books on a French theme; books about France, books set in France, books about living in France or traveling in France I love to read them all.
     Every Wednesday, on my blog, I review a book on a French theme and all my reviews are shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Goodreads.
     If you have written a book that you would like me to read and review please get in touch, contact details are on my website. Thank you. 

Hi, I am Michelle, the Blushing Reader.  I run the blog  I LOVE a book that is so good it makes you blush and thank the heavens you have an e-reader so no one knows your secret.  I read all kinds of romance novels; erotica, new adult contemporary, historical.  I am active on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads (blushing reader), Pinterest (blushing reader) and Amazon.  If I am reading your book, you can guarantee I am putting it out there on social media.  You can find my review request policy and how to contact me at Thanks!

Michelle Willms. I currently live in Carlin, NV. I have a Master of Arts degree in sociology and Bachelor of Science degrees in both sociology and psychology. I have worked as a grant writer, college professor, journalist, and editor. Currently, I am dedicating my life to professional reading, reviewing, and editing. I love true crime, crime, mystery, thriller, suspense, horror, fantasy, paranormal/supernatural (my new love), poetry, cooking, spirituality, and other genres.My reviews are posted on Amazon, Goodreads, my new blog, NetGalley, and occasionally on my Facebook page. I also provide copies of reviews to individual authors, if requested, for posting on personal websites. My reviews are always honest. If they are less than 4 stars, I provides reasons for my dissatisfaction. I also avoid spoilers in my reviews. Contact me on

Reading Renee: I live for books. I love my Kindle. I read romance, mysteries, chick lit, detective type stories and suspense.
I decided to start a blog that would support the authors and not be commercial. I never get paid for a review or giveaway. If I like a book then I pay to give it away as a show of support.There were many times I read something because it was recommended or rated high, and in my opinion it was awful. So I write about books I love, and if I don’t at least like them, I won’t write about them. I have been lucky enough to meet great authors who will give me a book to review and that means the world to me. There are so many great ladies like Heather Huffman, Tracie Banister, Heather Thurmeier and Samantha Bailey who have become friends. They are such talented writers who appeal to a large audience. The best meeting has to be Amber Lehman. I will do anything for her! I think she is so talented and her novel Torn was among my favorites. Contact me on Visit my blog for more info. Follow me on Twitter.

Rebbecca Craft: Communication and Media graduate who is currently a full-time copywriter and social media assistant during the day and active reviewer and writer at night! I have written numerous reviews from Food and Drink magazine to Purbeck Folk Festival. I have a great interest in SEO and online marketing so I can definitely make a review stand out and seeded out to relevant websites. I enjoy reading a wide variety of genres as this ensures I am a balanced reader as well as writer. I can post on my own blog (which in one day received over 2,000 unique hits) or a young writer’s website ( Contact me on Visit my Blog. Follow me on Twitter.

Erin is a mother, geek, and avid reader. She fell in love with First King of Shannarain the seventh grade and has been hooked on sci-fi/fantasy ever since. Among her favorite authors are Terry Brooks, Anne McCaffrey, David Edding, and Dawn Cook (Kim Harrison). When she isn't reading, working, or being a mommy, she enjoys fishing and watching football. She enjoys all sci-fi/fantasy but prefer high fantasy.  She likes all historical and alternate history especially set in Britain or Ancient Rome/Greek. She'll take young adult as long as it falls into one of the previous categories.  Historical/fantasy romance is her dirty little secret as she can't resist a well-written love story.  Horror isn't really her thing. Erin runs her own blog, The Bookworm's Fancy, which is a mix of reviews, author interviews, and musings about writing and the publishing industry.

Richard Sommery-Gade: I am a disabled Viet Nam Vet, who during the last 2 years has suffered 2 major strokes which necessitated Gamma Knife Brain Surgery and have just survived 2 minor strokes. At 65 yrs, I have been an avid reader of a cross section of literature from the age of 4 to now. It has been my solace and escape from constant illness as a child to my full circle point in life. Having to reduce my over achiever under protest retirement, which has been further reduced by the last 2 years medical nonsense, I decided to give back to the literary community that had fed my mind starting with John Masefield & Arthur Ransome who transported me to fanciful delights. My Amazon review name is Nanakulikane but applying for a review on is probably quicker if you want feedback before publishing. I am honest and will not blow smoke to stroke an ego but rather give an honest response to help you on your way. Remember I can't be overwhelmed & inundated, as these strokes have slowed my reading & scanning speed considerably. Aloha & A Hui Ho

I don’t remember a time when I didn’t read and was fortunate to nurture a reader in my daughter; believe me when I say that nothing stretches the single mum’s budget more than a child who will read everything: no institution is more important than a public library. My reviews are crafted to be a Thank You to the author for the hours, months or years gestating the work I have just read.  It is my responsibility to be honest and provide clear reasoning that gives both reader and writer a clear picture of what I thought. I review both written and audio books at which is an indie-author-friendly blog. I also have 2 FB pages: HERE (audio-book focused) and HERE for written books Additionally, I post to Google+ and on Twitter

Hi! My name is Franny & I live in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. I started Mind Reader in 2011 & what I love to read and review is: Urban/Dark Fantasy, Dystopian, Steampunk, YA Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance & Dark Erotica. Besides my blog, my reviews will be posted on Facebook, Twitter, Triberr, Pinterest, Google+ and, if I was given the book through Smashwords, on that as well. You can have detailed information on the process in my Review Policy page.
I am also interested in featuring authors of the above genres for guest posts, interviews & spotlights, so for more information I can easily be contacted through my blog. Furthermore, I also offer advertising services.

TeamNerd Reviews was founded by Annabell Cadiz, and is co-managed with her best friend, Bridget Strahin. They have a MASSIVE obsession with books and all things nerdy. They conduct book reviews, author interviews, guest posts, blog tours, and so much more! Genres We Handle: Supernatural, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Chick-Lit, and Suspense Thrillers. Website  Email:  Review Policy

Hi! I'm Sara: a 17yo Italian student with a great passion for books and all things English! I'm currently running my own blog where I share my passion about books with others! I like to review all kinds of book except erotica and Christian, but my favourite genres are Historical Romances, YA/Paranormal, Horrors, Thrillers; I can accept paperback and digital editions of all formats! I usually post my review also on GoodReads, Amazon, B&N. I'm also interested in organising guest posts, giveaways and interviews! You can contact me via my blog.

My name is Kara Leigh Miller and I'm a published author of four contemporary erotic romances. I'm also an avid reader, a housewife, and mother to five wonderful children. As an author myself I know how difficult it can be to get your book(s) into the hands of the readers and I'm more than willing to do what I can to help my fellow authors. All of my reviews will be honest, but fair. I will never sugarcoat a review as I feel it cheats potential readers, diminishes my credibility as a reviewer, and it is unfair to you as an author. I will post reviews on my blog, Goodreads, and Amazon. I prefer books with strong romantic and erotic elements. For full review guidelines and a list of genres I accept, please visit my blog and click on the Request a Review tab.

Hey, I’m Roger Bellini. I’m a lover of fantasy films and books! I write about these things on my blog I also post on Twitter and Facebook. Primarily, I am looking to review fantasy, however I am open to possibly reviewing horror or Sci-Fi. I will not read the erotica fantasy subgenre, however. My ultimate goal is to help readers find their next hidden gem in a saturated fantasy genre! If you’re willing to share your work, I would be more than happy to share an honest opinion. Thanks! Contact: Follow me on Twitter

My name is Dr Babus Ahmed. I am medically qualified retired GP due to ill health. I love crime, thrillers, mystery & horrors but do read quite widely. I have always loved literature and had a rather classical education at an independent girls school in Essex, UK. I achieved an A grade in English lit & language at A level even though I chose to pursue sciences and ultimately medicine. I enjoy reading Tess Gerritsen, Karin Slaughter, Gillian Flynn, Lisa Gardner, James Herbert & Justin Cronin among many others. I aim to write something interesting myself someday but for now I am reading, absorbing & reflecting work from others. My blog is called Ajoobacats blog and can be found here.  I accept books in mobi format for Kindle only. Contact me on Follow me on Twitter.

Hi! I'm Rebecca. I'm a geek, and fan of all things fantasy. I write and post (honest!) reviews on my website, The ArchedDoorway (, Amazon, and Goodreads; links will be posted to them on my Twitter and Facebook page. I primarily review fantasy, but occasionally stray into other genres. I do NOT read or review romance/erotica novels, with romance as the central theme, or non-fiction. If you request a review for a book that doesn't suit me, I'll do my best to help find someone that will (and I’ll promote that review they write), often times this will be my co-blogger. Contact me through the form on my website ( or :)

Hello, my name is Belinda and I love books. I really like to read historical and paranormal romance. My favorite authors are Brenda Joyce, Sabrina Jeffries and Elizabeth Hoyt. My reviews can be found  at amazon under my title Queen of Books. I have done reviews for edelweiss, Net Galley, Fiction DB, and Good Reads. I usually read paperback books or e-books. I also share my reviews on my Twitter account. I would love to have a blog one day where everyone who likes romance can share their favorite books. You can reach me at I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi, I'm Zoe and a graduate Journalist who has a major love for books and reads pretty damn fast. I love reading Adult, Romance and YA books and many reviews can be found at my blog - The Book Lovers. I also review on Goodreads, and between GR and Amazon, it is where I find the majority of books I read. I'm a Kindle girl, so I will only accept E-Books. I also share my reviews on my Twitter site, so come join me and hopefully my blog can be your new wonderland. If you want to get in touch with me, you can email me at :) Look forward to hearing from you!

Zwoodle Books promotes free and inexpensive e-books and provides book reviews. We currently have a staff of four volunteer reviewers, including myself.  We post on our website - and cross-post to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and (sometimes) Pinterest. We do not charge for this service but would appreciate a tweet, like, or follow. A donation to a literacy charity would be greatly appreciated. (Suggested donation of $5 to Starting in January 2013, we will only be reviewing and offering deal notices for books by authors that take the True Review Pledge. We welcome most genres; as a general rule, we avoid books on religion, pornography (erotica is okay), politics, and anything that makes exaggerated health claims, "feels spammy", or that promotes hate towards any particular group of people. Since we are a PG/PG-13 site, we also do not accept books with sexually explicit text or images on the cover. We cannot guarantee that a book will be read as it depends upon whether or not our reviewers are interested (or just busy), but we try to be as accommodating as possible. The request must be made via our website at Thanks and happy writing/reading!

Mary Chrapliwy: I’ve been reviewing for many years. I like an eclectic mix of literary fiction, thrillers, young adult, and some paranormal stuff. I had a goal of 50 books for this year on my blog, but when I started reading for a literary agent, I realized that probably wasn’t going to happen this year. I’m open to reviewing books by established and new authors. If I don’t like a book by page 50, I stop reading and the book doesn’t get reviewed. I post them on the Amazon product page, my blog, Twitter, and Goodreads. I get many books for free to review, so please don’t email me asking me to purchase your book for review. Please send only one project at a time, and absolutely no Science Fiction. I only respond if interested. Contact me on

Charles Franklin: I am a freelance writer, customer service professional and book reviewer turned independent author publicist with over 11 years of experience in libraries, customer service, and almost everything in between.I started reviewing books early in 2007 but didn't really take it seriously until about a year or two ago when I learned about the potential power of doing reviews. I joined a pre-launch campaign, received my first free book and the rest is history.I prefer non-fiction, but have a strong interest in fiction as well. As far as non-fiction goes, I like books on marketing (especially social media), physical fitness/health, nutrition, philosophy, martial arts and history, religion/spirituality and the environment. For fiction books, I prefer historical fiction, thriller, science fiction, Christian fiction, and a little action/adventure. LinkedIn profile. Follow/contact me on Twitter.

Hi! My name is Ellie Grace. I'm a self-published author of ten young adult books.

I like anything young adult. I'm not big on thriller or horror, but anything else is fair game.
I place my recorded reviews on Youtube and feature them on my BLOG. Contact me on Follow me on Twitter.

National Space Society (NSS). I’m Marianne Dyson, author/editor and the volunteer chairman of the NSS Publications Committee that reviews books for the NSS website. Reviews are promoted through Downlink, a monthly newsletter emailed to members. We ONLY review books related to the human exploration and development of space including space history and policy, biographies of astronauts and other space pioneers, science fiction related to human exploration and settlement of space, and nonfiction astronomy and space-related fiction for children. Self-published books will be considered if the author’s credentials as a scientist and/or science writer are well-established, with special interest in books by members of NSS. Review copies must be supplied to NSS by the publisher/author. Not all submitted books will be reviewed. Some book reviews may also be published in Ad Astra magazine. Send queries to me on

London Tracy: I am an author, freelance writer and screenwriter. I have a degree in psychology and screenwriting. My favourite type of book is mostly in the nonfiction category, such as self-improvement, diet, exercise, metaphysics, spirituality, and writing reference. However, when it comes to screenplays, I enjoy mystery/suspense, romance, drama, romantic comedy and comedy. My latest books published include: "Publish Your Screenplay on Kindle" and a romance novel, "This Time Will Be Different." If you are interested in receiving a free review, please contact me on Follow me on Twitter. Visit my Blog.

GeekeryandBooks book review blog. My favorite books to read and review are Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance (Paranormal and Urban Fantasy), and Young Adult. I also like to read graphic novels and comics. Geekery is my passion and I try to talk about thing relevant to the Geek community weekly on Wednesdays. You can catch me on Twitter and Goodreads. Email me on if you have any questions!

Jessica Chambers: Books are my life, both as a published author and voracious reader. I’ve discovered a particular passion for the genre of gay young adult fiction, and have founded The Boys on the Brink Blog where I share reviews, author interviews, and more. I also post my reviews to Amazon US, Amazon UK, Goodreads and Rainbow Book Reviews. If you have a gay YA novel you’d like me to consider for review, feel free to contact me via my review page. I look forward to hearing from you!

We are The Fifty Shades of Hot book review site, a sister site to Boekie's Book Reviews. We love reading erotic romance novels and the kind of books your mom secretly reads in her bedroom at night. ;) We post our reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, B& and our blog. We are big on being social media friendly, so you better believe we tweet, and share every review on Twitter and Facebook. You can contact us via our website: Come "like" our Facebook page: We look forward to hearing from you! Please be sure to read our review policy.

Stephanie @Books are Cool: I'm a busy freelance editor and farmer but I ALWAYS have time to review books for my website. I will do whatever I can to support indie authors. I'm both traditionally and self published, with 40+ books in my name. I'm an expat living in France and I write about our family's fun and frustrations here: I have no preference as to genre for reviewing. Surprise me!

I'm Mrs_Smut and I enjoy reading Erotic/Smut/Romance Novels. I'm addicted and haven't gone 24 hours without having another book lined up. I have reviewed books for authors and love that I can do my bit. I post my reviews on Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon and on my blogsite, which is still fairly new. I blog about the books I've read and tweet about them too. I work full time however my hours are quite short so I have a lot of time to read and write. My contact details are as follows: Email: ~ Twitter.

Katie L. Thompson: I am an author of three published novels and I enjoy reading contemporary romance. I would be happy to review contemporary romance only. I will post my reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and my blog. I can be contacted by email on  Please bear in mind that I am a seventeen year old full-time college student and although I enjoy writing reviews I have to put my college work first. All my reviews are 100% honest. I would also love to do author interviews which I will post on my blog.

Angela Watkins: for reviews. I prefer to review paper back books.  I review books free of charge and I will place them at "Shelfari," twitter, facebook, my blogs and on gather.  I prefer family-friendly, educational, marketing, business, financial, health and christian books.  I am a Writer, Researcher, Book Reviewer and Sunday School Teacher in a Missionary Baptist Church.  I have been writing online since 2000.  I started reviewing books in 2000.  2012 is my 12th year as being a book reviewer. I provide web content for different sites and I share my sunday school lessons online.  I have three blogs:  , and .  I am in the process of building me a free website for the services that I offer.

Vivi-Views Blogspot: I am a freelance writer, blogger and Indie author. I will place my review on Goodreads, Amazon and my blog. My favourite genres are mystery, drama and thrillers. I will not review non-fiction, horror, vampire or werewolf stories. While I give my honest opinion when I review, I do believe in constructive criticism. I enjoy a good story and I am not put off by bad grammar. You can contact me via my BLOG or by EMAIL: or on Twitter.

A Crime Readers' Blog: I’m a novice blogger that reads and reviews mainly crime novels, any genre as long as there is an element of mystery to it. I started out writing a blog purely in the lead up to the Harrogate Crime Writing Festival in Britain last July but loved blogging so intend to carry on. I am happy to expand my reading to other crime writers outside the Harrogate programme. On average I read about a book a week. I only post on my own blog, which is growing steadily ~ everyone has to start somewhere! I can be contacted via email or directly through my blog.

Mary C. Kelly, PhD, author, speaker, leadership expert, and economist.  Graduate of the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD and served 21 years on active duty after that.  I have 6 books out, 2 more slated for 2013, and chapters in a few more books.  I read non-fiction on business, leadership, marketing, economics, & social media.  I will post my review of your book on my Facebook page & will send your review out on Twitter.  Really great books (12 per year) are featured in my monthly newsletter, Leadership, Dogs & Twitter at that goes out to several thousand business people. My focus is working with companies to improve profits through better productivity & leadership.  I wish you well!

Boekies Book Reviews: Authors/Publishers – If you are interested in promoting your book on our review site, please contact us at Our Review Policy can be found can be found under the Review Policy tab. We love to do interviews, book reviews, and giveaways! Feel free to contact us. We are accepting a limited number of self-published books for review. PLEASE review our Review Policy. Unfortunately, if you do not fit under the genres that we review which are (YA, Comics and Women's Lit *Only Fiction*) your request will be denied.

Hi, Cloey here, I love to read Urban Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, YA Paranormal, Science Fiction, and Light Horror. I do not like reading books that have not been edited at least twice by someone other then the Author. I do read ARC, and as a Beta. Your book can be a novel, novela, or even an anthology. I write honest reviews and post to several sites. Stop by and say hello to me on Twitter and checkout MY BLOG. Thank you, I am looking forward to reviewing your books.

Lynn Parsons is the co-author of "(dis)Abilities and the Gospel". This grandmother enjoys knitting, reading, and writing. Lynn works in public education and is studying for her PhD. She posts her reviews at and on Amazon and Goodreads. She enjoys cozy mysteries and novels (nothing too graphic, please). She also prefers nonfiction books about crafting, self-improvement, and education. Anything about special needs or disabilities is also welcome and will also be posted on her site at

Jodie Andrefski:   In addition to being addicted to reading, I am a writer myself, and have three Ebooks published, and have my B.S. in Secondary Education-English. I've written for about ten years for various websites and publications  and have done advance book reviews for Harper Collins Publishers. I would be most interested in reviewing MG/YA fiction, but would consider chick lit/romance, suspense/mystery/thriller. I write honest reviews of your work; although I try to focus on the positives of each authors work. I will post my reviews on my Facebook page, on my blog, plus all the regular sites. Connect with me via my Facebook page or my website for more information on my review policies or to message me requesting a review.

Mara Gillott of Here is the truth about me. I am a sucker for a cheesy romance novel, I adore trashy erotica and I can't turn away from anything that might be deemed questionable. I blog about these books and more. I love indies and published works alike and no matter what, I tell the truth. On my blog you get more than just a synopsis and a rating, I break down my reviews into 8 key areas and rate them individually to determine how good a book is overall. Be careful! I might bite a little but, but it's always with love! I accept Erotica, Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance, BDSM, Chick Lit, Mommy Lit, Romantic Suspense and pretty much anything except for Sci-Fi. Check you my Review Policy and contact me to request a review.

My name is... oh wait, I can't tell you. Not because I'm scared of the internet, but because I prefer to write anonymously. Just take a look at MY BLOG, and you can call me The Book Critic for now. I am a British blogger, and I write pretty much every day. You can also find me on Twitter. I don't just blog about books – as a teen I address the issue of confidence amongst young adults and try to make others feel as special as I know they are. I never disregard any genre of writing and will interview any author as long as their books are suitable for young adults. My work has recently been featured on 'The Charleston Veggie' website after an interview with a new author. Please feel free to take a look at my blog and tell me what you think!

WeWhoWrite: NJ Qualls. I offer a concise and truthful review of your work, I read at least 8 hours/day consisting mostly of historical/Regency romance (fiction or nonfiction), time-travel, international espionage.  More recently,  I have become a beta-reader.  You can peruse my blog  or follow me on Twitter and Facebook.  I will also translate your book into Italian. I am looking forward to meeting each of you.   * Sci-fi, horror, young adult and religious subjects are not among my interests.* 

Jerry Brennan is a graduate of West Point and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism; he recently published Resistance and has been a frequent contributor and co-editor at The Deadline. He’s into Camus, Dostoyevsky, Koestler, Hitchcock, Radiohead, The National, and various other lions of literature, film and music, but you can also catch him reading Jim Thompson and even sneaking in some Wahida Clark from time to time. (He’s also a huge Martin Scorsese fan.) He posts reviews on Amazon and GoodReads; contact him via Twitter.

Dr Gill James: I am a writer, reviewer and university lecturer. My main interest is young adult novels, with particular interests in science fiction, paranormal and historical fiction. I’m also happy to review academic books about children’s literature and creative writing, collections of short stories and flash fiction for adults, and adult fiction similar to Maeve Binchy’s. I post on my own Recommended Reads blog, on Amazon and Good Reads. Contact details HERE.

SMS Nonfiction Book Reviews: a book reviewer for over 10 years (even before the blog) I have always loved nonfiction the best. My blog is now nonfiction only reviews although for any age group. I prefer lifestyle topics (parenting, pets, food/cooking, home), web/social media, science/math, self help, health/psych/sociology and education. I do not read Christian books and I don’t accept ebooks for review. Please contact me through my blog.

SM Blooding: I’m an author and reader who loves to support her fellow Indies! I read fantasy; urban, paranormal, supernatural, young adult, romance, light erotica, whatever. I’m not particularly fond of vampires. I’m more of a werewolf fan, but if you have characters that are neither, that are some other kind of mythological creature, you’re almost guaranteed to have my interest. I post my reviews on my Blog, Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. Directions to contact me are here:

Becky Vance: I am a budding fiction author currently researching my first novel. I freelance on shorter material as well.
I write customer service articles for The Examiner.
I review debut authors on my blog, Becky's Book Notes at

Melysah Bunting aka The Lit Critic. I review fiction. My preferred genres are historical, crime, mystery, romance, young adult, sci-fi, thriller, fantasy, steampunk and the sort. I'll pretty much read anything. I read books as soon as possible. I post the review in my blog, on Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook and Barnes and Noble. Send a print copy, PDF or ePub file. Contact me via Twitter DM or my blog HERE.

Gitte Doherty from Totally Booked for reviews and/or beta reading. I write honest reviews about how I felt about the characters and their stories. I try my best never to do spoiler reviews. I review on my blog, on Goodreads and on Amazon. I currently read between 4 - 5 books a week and have beta read and done small edits for several authors. I receive ARCs on a regular basis for an honest unbiased review. I don't discriminate on what I will read however my preferred genres to review are: Adult contemporary romance/YA, (m/f, m/m, m/f/m), Paranormal romance, Erotic romance, Historical romance, Urban Fantasy. Contact me on Twitter or Goodreads.

I'm Amy, and I am totally open to review books. I do it anyway, whether I buy the books or am given the books so this way we both benefit. I get to read the books and you get a review from someone who will read pretty much anything. I will not read anything like Fifty Shades of Gray (which means no porn), I will not read historical or non-fiction books. But other than that I'm game for pretty much anything. My reviews will go on my blog, Goodreads, and my Twitter, My blog: Boredom and Words of Nothingness. I would prefer to be contacted on

We are AppraisingPages, a book reviewing duo from Gilbert, Arizona. 
We review: contemporary romance, YA, paranormal romance, and memoirs. Take note, we prefer either paper copies or the ePub format. We also feature interviews with authors, giveaways, and story-inspired experiences.
We post reviews on our site:; and publicize through our Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads accounts.

Hey! I'm Charlotte from EponaReviews and I'm 16! :) I have a blog devoted to everything book-ish and I also have a Twitter for promoting books @EponaReviews :) I hope to be an author and editor when I finally fly the nest so we'll see! I post my reviews on Amazon, Waterstones, Goodreads, Randombuzzers, my blog, Twitter and I send a copy to the author/publisher to use as they please. I've read several ARCs and take time to write my reviews. I only read YA fiction in the genres of - dystopian/romance, Sci/fi, romance, paranormal, fantasy and contemporary. I won't go near vampire novels or murder mysteries, sorry :/

Fara Hanani: for review.  Fara is the author behind Tumbling In Books, where she reviews YA books. She's a huge fan of YA Contemporary but loves to read other genres too, nonetheless. She posts her review on her Tumbling In Books book blog, Goodreads, Shelfari and occasionally, on MPHONLINE (if your book is there). Fara's OBSESSED with checking her emails so you don't have to worry she won't read your email. You can contact her on and follow her through Twitter. For more info, contact details, review policies and such, visit:

Nantambu: for reviews. My name is Nantambu and I am currently writing a book myself. I thought this is a cool way to get your name out there and figured why not become a reviewer as well. I always read books and when I read something that I love, I always wished there was a way to reach out to the authors. I most enjoy to read sci-fi fantasy and murder mysteries. I will be blogging from You can follow me and contact me on Twitter.

Sarah Reads the World: for reviews: I have traveled extensively in Europe and lived in Spain for four months. I am curious, a constant learner and humanitarian. I review books on Travel, Culture, Geography and related topics. My blog is mostly nonfiction, though I’ll occasionally review fiction that strongly reflects the blog’s theme. Please read my guidelines before submitting a request. I’m selective, so doing so will increase the chance that I’ll accept your book. I post reviews on my blog, Goodreads and Amazon. I always review honestly and fairly. Contact me at: Follow me on Twitter.

Miranda Stork: for reviews. I'm an published indie author who loves to read books and review them! I live in the beautiful Northern countryside of England with a wonderful partner, and a demanding cat. I enjoy reading Paranormal Romance or Fantasy, Dystopian, Dark fiction, Horror, or any combination of the above. I do also sometimes review other books, so check with me first. I will post reviews on my blog, Amazon, and Goodreads. Follow me on Twitter.

Shirley Ford for reviews. I am a retired director, now living in the West Country of England. I have just published my first novel, "Every Why" as a Kindle book. Reviews can make or break a book and it is so important to take the time to review them. I write reviews for Amazon. Favourite genres – Michael Connelly/John Grisham or general fiction. Contact me on Twitter or email via Twitter.

AiyshaA teenager living in the UK, studying at college and trying to manage a book blog alongside! Currently Aiysha is accepting young adult fiction books in any genre for review. She is willing to accept ARCs in either paperbacks or hardbacks. Also she is perfectly happy to receive uncorrected proofs, if reviews are needed prior to the book's release. Aiysha would also consider adult-aged fiction in the paranormal or urban fantasy genres as well depends individually on the book. She posts her book reviews on her book blog, Mortal Moments, Amazon and Goodreads. Contact me by email : or Twitter: @Aiysha_W

Lisa Wood: for reviews. I live in the UK and work part time in the textile industry and I am full time mummy to a gorgeous boy. I hope one day to be a writer and I am currently editing. I mainly read YA fantasy/paranormal urban fantasy but I am open to over genres. I love to read and I am never far from my kindle or book and I am a big supporter of Indie authors. I blog/review at Lisa M and post to Twitter, Google+ and Goodreads. You can follow me and contact me on Twitter.

Jessica Nickel: for reviews: I enjoy reading books ranging from philosophical texts (Jean Paul Sartre, Maxine Greene, Jostein Gaardner), science fiction stories (Frank Herbert, Orson Scott Card), through dramatic fiction (Steig Laarsen) and auto-biographical or personal stories (The Bell Jar, Running With Scissors). I would also consider reading anything non-fiction. I am completing my dissertation in Music Education and I am also starting my freelance writing career through several websites. Book reviews will be posted on Goodreads, my Facebook account, my Twitter,, and my personal blog. Contact me on

Shindig: a digital marketing tool for virtual book tours, featuring an interactive event space where authors can video chat with hundreds of listeners at once.  Authors can host a live reading or Q&A, facilitating worldwide reach and engagement with real-time feedback. Fans can also share the stage for an unique, buzz-worthy experience. Capitalize on the engaged audience by getting email addresses, promoting future events, and selling the discussed works with just one click. Host events for free, with no upfront costs. Contact us on see more info HERE, or follow us on Twitter.

Lori's Book Blog: for reviews. I am hopelessly addicted to reading and then blogging about it.  I write honest reviews that I express my feelings about the characters and their story.  I try to keep my reviews as spoil free as possible but sometimes it's just too hard.  I have my own book blog that I review books on. I also review on Goodreads, Amazon, if requested Barnes and Noble, and I am currently in the process of creating another blog with 5 other reviewers.  I have beta read for numerous authors, I have done small edits for 3 authors, and I receive ARCs on a weekly basis asking for my honest opinion.  I'll read just about anything romance related.  Contact me on Twitter or Goodreads.

Eline Tack: I'm a young Belgian teacher with a passion for books! Reading is the one thing I can do everywhere, anytime... The genres I prefer are chick lit, romance (every genre), YA...however, I don't mind trying another genre, maybe I'll just love it! Because I want to be a writer myself someday, I'm never cruel in my book reviews, but I do give my honest opinion. The things I find really important are the connection I feel with the characters, the plot and especially "did I like to read this book?". My reviews will be posted on Goodreads, Amazon and on my  blog. I'll also post links on my Twitter and Facebook. You can reach me on Twitter and/or Goodreads to obtain my e-mail address. When I have enough reviews, I'll start a special Facebook page for them.

Ron Immink CEO at Bookbuzz™: Business Book reviews. We are part of a technology-free slow flow movement, using dialogue, peer-to-peer and business books that encourage top executives to engage with the greatest business minds and to collectively apply the combined knowledge to their business problems. Bookbuzz clients in Ireland, the UK and USA, use Bookbuzz to develop their staff, stay abreast of current management thinking, solve problems, improve decision-making and execute quicker. Contact me on Bookbuzz blog. My Linkedin profile. Follow me on Twitter.

LindyLouMac'sBook Reviews: I am an English woman living in Italy with a voracious appetite for reading! I set up my Book Review blog to share books I have read with likeminded readers. I hate spoilers in reviews so do my best not to give too much away, but just to tempt others to read. I also now include an author profile with each review for added interest. Reviews will be posted where appropriate on Amazon, Goodreads, Bookcrossing, Anobii, and Google Plus. My tastes are eclectic but I am not keen on fantasy or YA genres. I can be contacted via Twitter and on Facebook.

Donna McBroom-Theriot: Writer. Book Reviewer. Southern Lady. I began writing book reviews in 2010 and have a following of approximately 3,000. Click HERE to contact me. My review policy as well as comments from authors can be viewed on my blog, My Life in Stories. My preferred genres are nonfiction, romance, historical romance, mystery romance. I offer a book spotlight, book review, author guest post, and book giveaway. I post the reviews to requested venues. I also write short stories about my life. Follow me on Twitter.

Darlene Williams HF Reviews: I blog reviews to share my love of historical fiction.  I believe great historical fiction novels deserve promotion to honor the authors’ achievements.  I provide honest reviews that readers can trust.  My standards are high and I will not post a review less than 3 stars.  In that case, I contact the author explaining my reasons for not posting a review.  I can be contacted on my Darlene HF Reviews and Darlene Williams Author Facebook Pages, Goodreads and Twitter via my blog.  I am currently writing my first historical fiction novel.

Edward G. Gordon: I run a free book review site, Devilsreview, and a free author interview site, Gamblersgame. Husband and father first, everything else after. I review books, interview and promote authors and generally provide quality information to the writing community. If you are looking for a free and fair book review and an author interview promoting your book then you've come to the right place. Click through and register. It's easy. Follow me on Twitter.

Book-Shelf Three bibliophile ladies who try to review as much as we can; we always give honest thoughts on books – even if we love the author! We never say we love a book if we don’t, but we would never be judgmental or give a bad review, because even if we don’t like it, perhaps it’s more to others' tastes. We host reviews on our website, post our reviews on Amazon, are on Facebook and you can follow us on Twitter. More info and contact details:

Cherry Mischievous. I am a book blogger and industry supporter who is willing to read, review and/or blog books. I mainly read and blog about urban fantasy, though the blog has evolved to incorporate 4 other readers. Please note that not all reviews here are positive, but then we do not expect the entire wide world to agree and have the same tastes as us. It would be an incredibly boring and monotonous world! Besides, even among ourselves we don't agree! Find out more about us HEREContact us here or via website. Follow Cherry on Twitter

Brian Wilkerson: I'm an avid reader and novelist of the fantasy genre.
As far as reviews are concerned, I'm mostly a fantasy, Science Fiction or Historical guy but I'm also open to reading and reviewing other genres except Biographies and Romance
To contact me regarding reviews, email me or contact me via my blog. Follow Brian on Twitter

Dr David Pitman, Ohio Mid+Western College: For book reviews and beta reading. I prefer the following genres: historical fiction and non-fiction; political; religious. You can contact me on and visit my blog HERE and you can follow Dr David Pitman on Twitter

Kristi Stanford: for reviews. I am reader who would like to have my own distant-future novel reviewed someday.  I am mostly interested in fiction, memoir, classic literature, and maybe romance if time allows.  I am employed as a medical language specialist who blogs under a pen name, currently working on my own novel. You can contact me on and follow me on Twitter HERE

Dan Wright - Author/Reviewer: aside from writing, I am also a reviewer on the website Read2Review - where I review the latest in Fantasy and Science Fiction.
If you visit my website HERE and click on "Submission Details" you will be taken to a section where you can read my submission details and what I accept for reviews.
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The Vanilla Review: I’m Sarah Coburn – on my blog I review films, books and music! 
You can visit my blog by clicking HERE 
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YA Book Bridges: Wife. Mother. Secondary Teacher. Reader. Writer. YA Book Enthusiast. Mildly-Obsessed YA Authors Fan. The reviews will first appear as traditional blog posts and then I will nest them on the pages individually. For more details visit my website HERE. For reviewing applications contact me on Follow me on Twitter

Sadie Forsythe: I am primarily a writer, however I'm also an avid reader who thinks the best thing I can do for my fellow authors is offer up an honest review of their work. My preferred genre is sci-fi/fantasy, but I read almost anything, bar soppy romance. While I accept Kindle format, I much prefer a physical book and always read them first. I post reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and my website which cross-posts to Facebook. You can find a more detailed review policy and contact information here: Follow me on Twitter

Litonya Garrett: reviews. Love YA books, paranormal, mystery, philosophy and the list goes on and on and on. My favorite reading genres at the moment are paranormal and sci-fi, YA and romance of any genre. I love to read and have been known to write my own story or two, maybe one day I'll publish.You can find me on Goodreads HERE and follow me on Twitter. Contact me on concerning reviews.